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Design Services

Strategy & Planning Serrano Systems provides contract-based design services that can make your product idea a reality. With a diverse array of engineering expertise, we can custom tailor an engineering team to meet your needs. Our system engineers have the knowledge and experience necessary to break down complex systems into individual components, and they ensure that cost and performance requirements are met. Our design engineers provide reliable, well-documented implementations and thoroughly unit-test each module they develop. The entire team supports integration and testing, so the product works. Chip

In addition, our principals have extensive project management expertise. They are comfortable with scheduling and coordination of inter-disciplinary teams, and they understand that communication within the team and with our customers is critical to project success. Using techniques like rapid-prototyping and spiral development methodologies, they guide teams through developments that are fast-paced, yet predictable.

bullet   Hardware Design
bullet   Firmware Design
bullet   Communications
bullet   Analog and RF Design
bullet   Overall System Design
Overall System Design
. Product concept and technical consulting
. Assessment of functional and technical requirements
. Elaboration of the technical specification
      - System Modeling and Simulation
      - CPU Selection
. System Design and development
. System Verification and testing
      - System Testing
. Sample production
. Technical support
. Hardware / Software partitioning
. Scheduling, resources, management, budget
. Project Management
      - Scheduling and Resources
      - Budgeting
      - Customer and Inter-team Communication

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