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Intellectual Property

Copyright Serrano Systems has a number of internally developed products that can be licensed or purchased. Please contact for more information on these products.

HomePlug AV MAC
HomePlugAV is a new standard designed to provide the high data rates and guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) required by today´s audio-visual applications. It is capable of supporting multiple high-rate HDTV data streams over existing in-home powerline wiring. The HomePlugAV MAC layer combines both TDMA and CSMA access techniques with advanced selective ARQ and line-cycle adaptive modulation to provide excellent performance and coverage over the powerline. Read more... Network
  • Complete, synthesizable RTL
  • Fully implemented and tested in both ASIC and FPGA
  • Compatible with HomePlug 1.0
  • TDMA and CSMA access techniques
  • PHY Layer management functions
  • Firmware optimized for ARM9-class CPU
  • Available Now
  • Product Brief (PDF)

Chip 32b RISC CPU System
  • SPARC v8 Core, Instruction and Data Cache
  • High Performance DMA, SDRAM Controller
  • Embedded Software
  • Available Now
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