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Serrano Systems provides a wealth of experience in communication systems, hardware and software design.

Technical Expertise Chip
  • Communication Protocols: Bluetooth, CDMA, PHS, DECT, 802.11, GSM/GPRS, Satellite Communication.
  • Hardware: VHDL and Verilog for CMOS integrated circuits and FPGAs. Board-level design and IC design.
  • Software: C, C++ and assembly language on a variety of platforms. Object-oriented, UML and Structured Design methodologies.
  • CPU Architectures: ARM, Intel, Hitachi, Motorola, SPARC.

Application Expertise

  • Wireless Communications
  • Home Networking
  • Defense and Government
  • Medical Devices
  • High Speed Design
  • Video
    • CDMA
    • GSM/GPRS
  • HomePlug

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